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NetRescue, providing the new generation of Computer Backup.

NetRescue is a family based business dedicated to protecting your files using the internet as the transfer medium since 2006.

We have been around for awhile now, allowing us to build up a solid and reliable network that can accomodate backing up everything from a few photos at home, to your 200Gb Exchange database at work.

NetRescue has partnered with companies such as Ahsay and Hosting Direct to be able to deliver the highest quality internet links and technology. Our software is feature rich, with built in connectors to allow us to backup various systems and databases directly, such as:

  • MS Exchange Server
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • MS Hyper-V Virtual Machines
  • VMWare Virtual Machines

  • In addition, our software also boasts the following powerful features:

  • 256 Bit Encryption - Bank Level Encryption protects your files
  • Fully Automatic - Set and forget your backups won't get missed
  • File Multi Versioning - Keep old versions of your files for protection
  • Able to backup open files - You don't even need to close your applications!
  • Block level backups - reduces internet traffic by only sending the changes inside large files
  • Offsite File Storage - All files are stored away from office, protect against fire and natural disaster
  • Backup Reporting - High Level reporting ensures that you know of any problems with your backups

  • To complete our range of products we can also offer:

  • Affiliates - Resell our products and earn 10% recurring commission

  • Wholesale - Get NetRescue to host your very own Online Backup Server