NetRescue Reseller

Any company who is interested in implementing an online backup service must purchase a subscription to an online backup service provider, such as NetRescue Online Backup. You will simply refer your clients to us, so that we can provide this service. In return, we will pay you a percentage commission based on every dollar the client you refer to us, spends with us. If you work in the IT industry, you may even wish to charge your time to your client, to assist in setting up the backup manager software that we provide, thus giving you a further income stream.

We will pay you a 10% commission, for every dollar a client that you refer spends with NetRescue. Clients are billed monthly by NetRescue, therefore you will continue to earn 10% for as long as that client remains with NetRescue. Under this scheme, a secure recurring income stream is guaranteed to your business.

It is possible to dive right into the business of reselling the NetRescue Online Backup Service right now, because all marketing materials, e.g. website, flyers etc required to present NetRescue Online Backup to your customers are readily available to you free of charge. You can start marketing right away after signing up as our reseller. There is no lag time and no extra money to spend. Being quick to market allows you to start bringing in your new revenue stream straight away.

If you would like to become a NetRescue Reseller, please create an account, then activate yourself as a reseller (affiliate) by clicking the links below.

Create an account with NetRescue Activate your Affiliate Status

Included as Standard:

10% Commissions

Free Account Setup

Flyers and Brochures