Business Online Backups

Wholesale Backup Solution

As a NetRescue Wholesaler, you will run your own business providing your customers with an Online Backup Service. NetRescue will work in the background, taking care of all the expensive backend servers, software and internet needs. You design your own backup plans, sell the product to your customers, assist if necessary with the installation and configuration of the client software, and bill your customers as you see fit. Your entire service will be branded to your own identity, making this your very own business offering.

NetRescue will supply:

Server Hardware: A high end server sourced from SuperMicro is provided as your back-end server. Combined with VMWare, hardware resources are allocated as you need them, allowing you to make cost effective use of powerful hardware, without the up-front setup and configuration costs.

Data Center: Unlimited data transfer usage of a modern, well equipped data center. Located in Auckland, our primary center has many features to protect, and ensure the safety of your data. Some of the many features employed here include: fully redundant links to the internet, custom cold aisle designed cooling system, strict temperature and humidity control, security cameras and detection, UPS and backup power supplies, plus many other features.

Backup Software: NetRescue supplies and supports Ahsay OBS Online Backup Software. This is a major international software vendor, specialising solely in Online Backup Software. NetRescue is a Partner with Ahsay, and can access prompt software support for problem resolution, bug fixes and enhancements.

You can download a NetRescue Wholesale brochure by clicking below. Wholesale Backup Brochure